Industries all over the world depend on Inno-Spin products

Inno-Spin combines decades of experience servicing freight rail, trucking, automotive, electric vehicle, and industrial applications with expert process automation. Today, we offer a broad range of superior components to a growing number of industries around the globe.

Over 100 billion hard-earned miles

Inno-Spin products have a long track record of proven reliability in rugged, real-world conditions. Our products have traveled over 100 billion miles through some of the world’s most challenging environments.

The right solution for your critical application

Precision-engineered start to finish

Inno-Spin products continue to set the standard for performance, durability and reliability. Whatever industry you’re in—from heavy haul rail and heavy duty trucking to mining, automotive or aerospace — our growing portfolio of round and cylindrical components will fit your needs and improve your bottom line.

Comprehensive portfolio to meet your needs


  • Molded Grease Seal Applications
  • AAR, Industry approved
  • Diverse application base
  • Leading market position
  • 10-15” diameter


  • Molded and Labyrinth Seal Applications
  • Harsh international application
  • Rail-certified in global markets


  • Transmission components
  • Savings over multi-step stamping
  • Tested for high volume automotive applications
  • 4-16” diameter


  • Oil cassette seals components
  • Demanding operational environment
  • 4-7” diameter


  • Flat or cylindrical blanks
  • Reduce scrap for stamping applications
  • 3.5-24” diameter

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