Revolutionary technology redefines metal fabrication

Inno-Spin’s patented process for fabricating round and cylindrical metal parts has created a unique, cost-saving alternative to deep-draw stamping. Inno-Spin represents a whole new category of metal fabrication technology, with several process elements that can be stacked to improve accuracy, reduce material waste and drive down costs.

How it works


Raw material is formed into a cylindrical ring through continuous feed system. Edges are conditioned to meet tolerances as necessary.


Ring is laser cut, welded and broached to create a uniform cylinder. Automated series of secondary stations mechanically test weld and ensure roundness.


Cylinder is precision-formed through autonomous modular stations. This multi-stage process includes rapid spin-forming and other process steps to manipulate blanks. Stamping/coining stations follow to ensure critical dimensions are met.

Zero Defect Production

The Inno-Spin process features unmatched quality control start-to-finish through our ‘smart factory’ setup, backed up by extensive experience in operational and laboratory environments.

Quality control start-to-finish

  • Flexibility to fit into your existing operation
  • Traceability
  • Lab and industry performance tested
  • Direct replacement for stampings: No change to raw material or coating requirements
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified

High-volume capabilities

  • Rapid prototyping, low to high volume production solutions
  • Spin-formed cylindrical components are a superior alternative to stamping or progressive stamping


It’s time to rethink stamping. Talk to an Inno-Spin expert today.

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